Seattle Convention Center | Glazing Contractor: Evergreen House | Architect: LMN Architectual | Glass: Clear custom silkscreen laminated

Technical Bulletins

Northwestern Industries – Arizona provides the following documents in downloadable PDF format.

  Appearance of Insulating Glass Unit Edges in Commercial Applications

   Flat Glass Industry Standards (Posted Oct. 2020)

  Iridescence in Heat Treated Architectural Glass 

   Heat Treated Glass Surfaces are Different (Posted Oct. 2020)

   Design Considerations For Laminated Glass Applications (Posted Oct. 2020)

   Use Of Laminated Glass in Glass Railing Systems (Posted Oct. 2020)

   Construction Site Protection (Posted Oct. 2020)

   GIB Proper Procedures for Cleaning Glass (Posted Oct. 2020)

For the most up to date information, visit the National Glass Association Website.