Low-E Glass

Providing better thermal performance and energy efficiency

Northwestern Industries uses low emissivity coatings to improve the thermal performance of its units. This glass, also known as Low-E glass, improves the insulating value by reflecting long wave heat back to its source, thereby improving energy efficiency. These coatings also enhance the shading coefficient to reduce a building’s cooling requirement

The outcome of NWI’s process is a superior glass that optimizes energy efficiency, making it the best choice for any structure that has a large number of windows or skylights. These types of structures include office buildings, retail structures, schools, hospitals, hotels, apartments and other multifamily residential developments.

NWI is also able to mix tints and reflectives with our safety glass to create improved performance glass.

At present, we maintain a consistent inventory of at least 28 Low-E glass types in stock available for immediate delivery.


West 8th, Seattle, Washington