Marina Point, Marina Del Ray, California | Glazing Contractor: Woodbridge Glass | Architect: GMT Architectural | Glass: 6mm PPG Solexia Laminated

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass consists of two or more layers of glass separated by a layer of air or gas. The process for creating an insulated glass unit removes humidity from the unit’s airspace before the edges are sealed. Insulated glass provides an array of benefits – the unit’s airspace helps to limit heat and noise transfer.

Northwestern Industries can create insulated glass from other types of glass (such as laminated or tempered glass), and is capable of handling glass in sizes up to 90″ x 165″.

Additionally, we use several highly refined processes to make sure our insulated glass meets the most stringent standards required by our customers.

NWI’s insulating process differs in several important and beneficial ways…

  • Unique four corner bent spacers
  • All units are Dual Seal with a silicone secondary seal
  • Four insulating lines
  • Technoform® warm edge spacer system
  • Stainless Steel warm edge spacer systems
  • Approved fabricator of Schuco glazing system
  • Annual production capabilities of 500,000 units with less than 0.001% failure rate
  • Gas filling available