Spandrel Glass

Create custom accents in an array of different patterns and colors with Spandrel glass

Spandrel glass can be created in a couple different ways – one is by applying ceramic frit enamel to the glass with a Union Tool roller coater. Our coater can handle glass sized up to 84″ x 144″. The ceramic frit is then permanently fused onto the glass through a heat strengthening or tempering process.

Enamel or translucent ceramic frit can be applied as a solid backing or silk screened to achieve geometric shapes (such as lines or dots) for special shading applications. Our equipment is capable of handling custom silk-screening of up to 80″ x 144″ in size.

Ceramic Frit glass products are available in a multitude of standard colors as well as custom colors.

Standard Colors

Harmony Black
Harmony Gray
Harmony Bronze
Warm Gray
Lofire White
Harmony Solex
Medium Gray

Premium Colors

Harmony Blue
Lava Bronze

Spandrel glass can also be created by using an Opaci-Coat. Opaci-Coat-300 is a one component, water-based silicone coating that is fully cured to a tack-free silicone elastomeric film, providing opacification in any color to glass. Opaci-Coat 300 is available in standard colors of Black, Primary White, and Warm Gray, as well as many Custom Colors.

Industry Standard Opaci-Coat Colors

Miscellaneous Opaci-Coat Colors

Custom color matching is available by special order. Contact us for more details.


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