Anchorage Alaska International Airport | Glazing Contractor: Commericlal Contractors | Architect: McCool Carlson Green | Glass: SolarBan 60 Laminated

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The NWI Difference

Northwestern Industries has the capability to heat-strengthen, temper, and laminate glass all in one facility.

The importance of this ability cannot be over emphasized. We can precisely track and monitor each stage of the process for both greater efficiency and higher quality.

As a result, this procedure directly benefits each project and in turn, each customer. For example, because a combination of processes is specified for many overhead-glazing situations, our all-encompassing approach provides a distinct advantage with major slope glazing projects.

Post-temperable, high performance coated glass has seen many recent advancements. Because of these developments NWI is able to provide rapid, on-time delivery of the most energy efficient glass products. Processing this type of glass requires the best equipment and techniques, and NWI invests heavily in equipment and staff to manufacture the highest quality possible for our customers.

NWI was a charter fabricator in PPG’s Certified Fabricator Program (CFP), which has regularly recognized NWI as a top volume quality producer. This program is backed by annual independent plant inspections of our quality systems and manufacturing processes.

Guardian Industries has certified NWI in the SunGuard Fabricators program. Membership of this audited program allows NWI to fabricate the full line of coated Guardian products.


Anchorage Alaska International Airport