Sound Control

When is it better to be seen than heard?

Managing unwanted noise is an important consideration for architects and builders. In response, Northwestern Industries has developed Enhanced Sound Control Glass® for these instances.

NWI’s patented Enhanced Sound Control Laminated Glass® utilizes a special PVB interlayer. Laminated between two pieces of glass, this interlayer results in improvements of up to 30% over standard laminated glass.

Several varieties of ESCL Glass have undergone testing by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory. Complete details are available by request.

Laminated glass has long been the industry standard for controlling sound through glass. NWI is proud to continue that standard with Enhanced Sound Control Laminated Glass. We’ve found that sound reduction capabilities have been significantly improved with our introduction of ESCL.

NWI’s Enhanced Sound Control Laminated Glass provides measurable reductions in noise pollution. This makes ESCL the perfect glass for doors, windows, or partitions used in office buildings, residences, and similar needs environments.


St. Regis Hotel and Condominiums, San Francisco, California